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有时光文字表达是不够的。 使用图像和视频来向人们直观展示您的想法。 Snagit 为您带来一种简便的方式来快速提供更好的反馈、创建清晰的文档、并更改您协同工作的方式。


无论您在处理什么,Snagit 都能帮助您通过点击几下鼠标立即捕获精美的图像和视频。 使用 Snagit 的标记工具,轻松定制带有特效的任何截屏,或展示重要部分。 您也可以通过录制您的屏幕来快速创建视频。

Images and Videos in Minutes
No matter what you're working on, Snagit helps you capture great looking images and videos with just a few clicks. Easily customize your screen captures with effects, or show off what's important with Snagit’s markup tools. You can also create quick videos by recording your screen.

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Use images and videos to show people exactly what you’re seeing. Snagit gives you an easy way to quickly provide better feedback, create clear documentation, and change the way you work together.


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