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Ray Dynamic Color v2.0.9

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Ray Dynamic Color v2.5.9

业界领先的After Effects色彩调色板。 目前,After Effects项目中的所有颜色均具有固定值,即使场景中的多种颜色具有相同的颜色值。 这使得尝试不同的颜色或更改几乎不可能,因为您必须更改项目中每个元素的每个颜色。 Ray Dynamic Color不仅可以让您搭配色调,还可以在场景中的颜色值与调色板之间建立巧妙的连接。 这给我们许多管理颜色的选项。


The industry leading Color Palette for After Effects. Currently, all the colors in your After Effect project have a fixed value, even if multiple colors in your scene have the same color value. This makes trying a different color or changing one almost impossible because you have to change each individual color of every element in the project. Ray Dynamic Color not only gives you a color palette to color with, it can also create clever links between the color values in your scene and the color palette. This give us many options to manage colors. Watch the tutorials to learn how.

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