Nvidia Iray / Lightwork Design Iray
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Lightwork Design Iray v2.0 For Maya 2016-2018 WinLnx

NV Iray for C4D V2.0 R16 iND

Lightwork Design Iray v2.1 For Maya 2016-2018 LINUX AMPED

Lightwork Design Iray v2.1 For Maya 2016-2018 win AMPED

Nvidia Iray for Cinema 4D v2.1 Win-Mac R17 R18 R19 Win plus Materials

Nvidia IrayServer 2.50 302800.7188 WINONLY iND

Nvidia Iray v 2.2 for Maya 2016 - 2019 WinLnx

NVIDIA Iray Server v3.3 334300.2780 Win x64

Iray render plugin for Character Creator 3.4 & Iclone 7.9

IrayPlugins IFMAX v2.5.0-150830 MAX 2022 Win

Iray Render Plugin Enu IC8 CC4 v1.01 (1.01.1408.1)

使用NVIDIA的Iray SDK进行3D可视化和渲染,NVIDIA®Iray - 一款完全灵活,功能强大且可扩展的SDK渲染平台,可增强3D可视化渲染功能。

Iray 具有强大的应用程序功能并且易于集成,为多个行业和应用程序提供无与伦比的渲染可视化。从计算机辅助设计(CAD)到娱乐,再到汽车设计和建筑设计等行业,Iray的互动功能和真实材料的使用使您能够制作符合您设计需求的真实照片,并真实渲染所需的结果。

3D visualisation and rendering with NVIDIA's Iray SDK
Supercharge your 3D Visualisation rendering capabilities with NVIDIA'a Iray — a fully flexible, powerful and scalable SDK rendering platform

Powerful in application yet simple to integrate, the Iray SDK gives unparalleled rendering visualisations for multiple industries and applications. From computer aided design (CAD) to entertainment through to Industries including automotive design and architectural design, Iray's interactive functionality and use of real-world materials allows you to create photorealistic images that meet your design needs and truly represent the desired outcome.

The unique features of Iray allow for infinite linear scalability when teamed with NVIDIA's hardware or cloud rendering services, facilitating a seamless transition between interactive, photorealistic and real-time render modes. This approach has set the Iray SDK and its subsequent software applications apart from competitors.

For those requiring real-world material representation and flexibility of implementation enabled by the intuitive C++ API, incorporate NVIDIA's Iray SDK into your workflow today.




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