3ds Max 2015-2020 安全工具
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适用于3ds Max 2015-2020的3ds Max安全工具

适用于 3ds Max® 软件 2021-2020-2019-2018-2017-2016-2015SP1 (Service Pack 1) 的 3ds Max 安全工具


3ds Max 安全工具是 Autodesk 建议用于帮助检测并解决因恶意代码(标识为 CRP\ADSL、ALC、ALC2 和 PhysXPluginMfx)导致的潜在问题的方法。恶意代码可能会损坏 3ds Max 环境,导致数据丢失和不稳定,还有可能扩散到其他系统。

作为预防性措施,我们建议所有有权访问 3ds Max 2015SP1 到 2021(包括 3ds Max 教育许可、3ds Max 独立版和 3ds Max 试用版)的客户下载并安装 3ds Max 安全工具应用程序,以帮助检测并解决此恶意代码导致的潜在问题。

注意:3ds Max 安全工具旨在帮助修复受影响的 3ds Max 场景文件和 3ds Max 用户环境。它不用作常规端点保护工具,因此不应视为此类工具。Autodesk 建议所有用户在其 PC 上运行可靠的防病毒或防恶意软件程序,并定期对程序及其病毒定义进行更新。


链接: 提取码:g3iy 

版本 1.3 中的新特性:

• 尝试检测并解决因恶意代码(在场景文件和启动脚本中标识为 PhysXPluginMfx 变体)而导致的潜在问题


• 尝试检测并解决在 3ds Max 启动脚本和场景文件中标识为 CRP、ADSL、ALC、ALC2 和 PhysXPluginMfx 的恶意代码导致的潜在问题,而不管它们如何加载 • 帮助防止 3ds Max 保存受到 CRP、ADSL、ALC、ALC2 和 PhysXPluginMfx 损坏的场景。

• 在清理启动脚本和场景数据之前要求用户确认。

• 以静默模式和非交互 3ds Max 使用方案工作,例如命令行渲染和批处理脚本。

• 将操作记录到系统日志 (Max.log) 和 MAXScript 侦听器。

• 即使用户选择不清理启动脚本或场景数据,也允许他们继续使用 3ds Max。


The 3ds Max Security Tools is Autodesk's recommended way to help detect and resolve potential issues caused by malicious code identified as CRP\ADSLALCALC2, and PhysXPluginMfx. The malicious code can potentially corrupt the 3ds Max environment, cause data loss and instability, as well as spread to other systems.

As a preventative measure, we recommend that all customers who have access to 3ds Max 2015SP1 to 2021, including 3ds Max educational licenses, 3ds Max Indie and 3ds Max Trial versions, download and install the 3ds Max Security Tools application to help detect and resolve potential issues caused by this malicious code.

Note: 3ds Max Security Tools is designed to help repair affected 3ds Max scene files and the 3ds Max user environment. It is not intended as a general endpoint protection tool and should not be considered as such. Autodesk recommends that all users run a reputable antivirus or anti-malware program on their PCs and keep both the program and its virus definitions updated regularly.

What’s new in version 1.3:

• Attempts to detect and resolve potential issues caused by malicious code identified as a variant of PhysXPluginMfx from scene files and startup scripts


• Attempts to detect and resolve potential issues caused by malicious code identified as CRP, ADSL, ALC, ALC2, and PhysXPluginMfx in 3ds Max startup scripts, and scene files regardless of how they are loaded

• Helps prevent 3ds Max from saving scenes corrupted by CRP, ADSL, ALC, ALC2, and PhysXPluginMfx.

• Asks for user confirmation before cleaning startup scripts and scene data.

• Works in quiet and non-interactive usage scenarios of 3ds Max, such as command line rendering and batch scripting.

• Logs actions to the system log (Max.log) and to the MAXScript listener.

• Permits a user to continue using 3ds Max even if they choose not to clean startup scripts or scene data.

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