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这个插件由Epic Games创建,允许您在Twinmotion中启动项目,并在Unreal Engine中完成它。您可以在UE4编辑器中导入Twinmotion项目文件,方法与导入*.udatasmith文件相同。


aving undergone a digital shift, many architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms are now on a plateau. Using different software across different teams has created a digital Tower of Babel, with few of these tools able to talk effectively to the others. Firms benefit from the fast, iterative workflows that digital tools provide, but often experience challenges moving data along the pipeline from one to the next.

At Epic Games, we believe the next phase of digital transformation for AEC is the development of a seamless, open, real-time pipeline. For years, we’ve been making it easier to get your CAD data into Unreal Engine and Twinmotion, our real-time visualization solutions. Recently, we started researching a real-time connection between Revit and Unreal Engine via Datasmith as a demonstration of our commitment to improve on how you connect with design data—stay tuned for further details on this.

Once you have your CAD data in a visualization tool, some additional questions crop up: does my project look the same as my competition? Can I achieve any ambition? And how quickly can I iterate on an idea?

Our answer to this is start in Twinmotion, finish in Unreal Engine. This is a unique benefit of working with our solutions. Anyone on your team can easily work with Twinmotion to develop the basic idea and when you reach the limits of Twinmotion, you can pass that project over to Unreal Engine to take it further. This is where the new Twinmotion Importer plugin comes in.

The power to truly differentiate projects

The Twinmotion Importer enables you to start a project in Twinmotion and take it into Unreal Engine to leverage the advanced feature set the engine offers. With Unreal Engine’s powerful features at their fingertips, teams have the open-ended flexibility and creative freedom to truly differentiate their projects. It might seem like a small step, but there are a number of reasons why this development could be a boon for AEC companies.

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