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Clothify Pro 1.02

Clothify Pro 1.02 max 2013-2023

Clothify Pro是3ds Max的一个修改器,它使布料的建模和动画制作变得简单、可控、对艺术家友好、快速和无损。你得到的是即时的结果,而不是等待模拟完成。也可以避免对布料进行痛苦的雕刻。

Non-destructive Cloth

Clothify Pro is a modifier for 3ds Max that makes modeling and animating cloth easy, controllable, artist-friendly, fast and non-destructive. You get instant results, no waiting around for a simulation to finish. Painful sculpting of cloth can also be avoided.

Edit a parameter and see instantly what it does. Every parameter can be controlled by soft selection, vertex weights or vertex colors, giving you unprecedented control.

Any deformation applied underneath the modifier affects the cloth so you can make use of any of the many modifiers 3ds max has like Edit Poly, Skin, FFD, Bend, Affect Region, Path Deform etc. It can also be used with the Freeform brushes. Actually it can be used with anything that deforms the mesh.


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