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PSOFT Pencil + 3.07 for 3dsMax 2010-2013 X64

Pencil+ 4 for Max2015

Pencil+ 4.0.0 for 3dsMax2015-2018

PSOFT Pencil+ 4.02 or Maya

Pencil 4.1.0 for Maya

PSOFT Pencil+ 4.1.2 for 3ds Max 2020


Pencil+ 是一种非真实感渲染的3ds Max软件的插件铅笔素描效果的插件。它产生的图像看起来像笔图画或彩色铅笔,以及平面效果动画。

您可以重现日本动画和插图的3D独特艺术风格。新推出的Pencil+ 3的修饰功能,使人们有可能创造在3D中难以实现的效果,如不正确的固体物体的阴影或大胆的舞台装置通过极端的透视变形的影响。Pencil+ 3独特的非真实感的表现也非常有用,有助于简化和表达的主要观点。我们还建议将其作为一个可视化工具或动画产品或平面设计的图形化工具。


High Level Expressiveness

Pencil +  is a non-photorealistic shader plug-in for 3ds Max that  produces pencil sketch-like strokes. It produces images that look like  pen drawings or color pencils as well as flat  presentations similar to  animation cels.

You can reproduce in 3D the distinctive art style of Japanese animation  and illustrations. The modifier functions newly introduced in Pencil+ 3  make it possible to create effects that are difficult to achieve in 3D,  such as incorrect shading for solid objects or bold scenographic effects  through extreme perspective deformations. Pencil+'s unique  non-photorealistic expression is also useful to produce explanatory  figures that help simplify and convey the main point of an explanation.  We also recommend it as a visualization tool or a motion graphic utility  for product or graphic design.


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