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UvSquares 1.14.1

Uv Squares v1.15.0

这个非常流行的Blender UV编辑器插件将UV选择重塑为网格。它尊重垂直和水平面比例,可以延伸任何选择形状。不再手动对齐扭曲的UV混合器的UV展开远不是完美的。很多时候,你最终会得到一个扭曲的物体形状,并且必须清理它。选择所有顶点并通过适当的轴重新对齐它们时,这需要花费时间和精力,并不断重复。如果你只需按一下按钮就可以了呢?这就是UvSquares的意义所在。它是如何工作的?这个过程简单快捷。打开对象后,UV Square插件将根据对象的几何体将UV变成完美、干净的形状。


UV Squares Addon

This hugely popular addon for the UV Editor reshapes UV selections into a grid. It respects vertical and horizontal face ratios and can stretch out any selection shape.   No more manual alignment of a distorted UV Blender’s UV unwrap is far from perfect. Quite often, you end up with a distorted shape of your object and have to clean it up. This takes time and effort as you select all the vertices and re-align them via the appropriate axis, repeating this endlessly. What if you could do it with a single button push? That is what UV Squares is all about.   How does it work? The process is simple and quick. Once you have unwrapped your object, the UV Square addon will turn your UV into a perfect, clean shape, respecting the geometry of your object. The distortion is gone and you are good to go!   UV Squares at a glance:

Reshape any selected UV faces (quads) to a grid of equivalent squares, or by their shape

Align sequenced vertices on an axis and make them equally distanced

Rip faces and single vertex

Join selected vertices to any closest unselected vertices

Why was UV Squares created?

“I was working on a model and was very satisfied with the final geometry. The last thing I needed to make it complete was a proper UV unwrap so it would fit the textures nicely. The problem was that I haven’t unwrapped and the bend (and other modifiers) were applied. I was experimenting with available unwrapping techniques but they didn’t quite work for me, I wanted to be able to simply select one part and stretch it out to a precise grid.” Reslav Hollós, UV Squares creator 

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