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Erindale Toolkit - Advanced Geometry Nodes Groups - Blender



The Toolkit contains more advanced tools created for Geometry Nodes workflows. For v0.1, the primary focus of the Toolkit was on camera culling and LOD tools. Since v0.2 we can also generate points procedurally so there are a lot of new nodes to provide advanced arrays and instancing.

With the v1.0 update we are now shipping as a "proper" addon. 

Camera Culling allows us to automatically optimise an instance-heavy scene as we can restrict instances only to the area within view of the camera.

LODs (Levels of Detail) allow us to further optimise a scene by reducing the visual fidelity of distant meshes. The LOD tools in this pack give controls over distance limits for different LOD meshes.

The generator nodes first introduced in v0.2 allow for much more complex positioning of instances which we can push into areas such as architectural form finding and motion graphics. 

V1.1: Instructions on installation, explanations of all the node sockets and examples of use can be found in the documentation.

V2.0: Install like a normal add-on.

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