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Cracks have a significant impact on the overall look of an object or setting. Cracks may be found in a variety of places, from paving stones to ancient ruins, and it is one of the most difficult things to model. Until now!

The Cracker add-on is a handy little tool for making cracks as easily as possible. Select an object, press Ctrl + w, adjust for the desired appearance, and apply. It's really that simple. You can now create cracks at the speed of thought!


• Instant visual feedback – Any adjustments instantly appear on your model in realtime. 

• Streamlined workflow – Hotkeys! 

• Stomper tool – Not only make cracks but displace cracked objects after. (ctrl + R)

• Low poly or detailed, you decide - You can adjust the amount of details by mouse wheel.

• Multiple cracks – Want to continue the cracks within the same object? Hold the Shift button when Apply.

• Ctrl/Cmd function – Want to chip off a piece? Hold the Ctrl (Cmd) button.

• Works from any view angle – Doesn't have to be Top or Side view. The Cracker doesn't care if the view is orthographic or perspective either.

• Makes the crack you want - Rotation, noise scale, width, move, bending, etc. 

• Built-in randomizer - Crack will appear with random Rotation and Position around an object's origin. 

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Cracker - Blendermarket

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Cracker v1.6 - blender链接: 提取码: 6vuf 

Cracker v1.6 v1.7.1 - blender

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