Artstation - Ice Smart Material - 材质贴图
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Artstation - Ice Smart Material - 材质贴图



10 high detailed Ice smart materials (spsm).

In this product, you will have a collection of ice smart materials that will help you make any materials related to ice

with this product:

Ice. iceberg . freezing water . Ice on different levels and ... in game environments. Animation or any other project

Easily material and texturing

Have high speed and quality in your work.

Advantage of this package:

Each layer has the correct name

  1. Not heavy

  2. Customizable

  3. High-quality preview

  4. My special gift to buyers of this product

By purchasing this product you will receive a separate gift from the product on my behalf 

For buyers

This collection will be updated and new versions will be released soon so follow me

Please rate and review this product! It could be very helpful for us and we appreciate that! 


This Smart Material ONLY be used within the latest version of Substance painter

Made with adobe Substance 3d Painter

Copy the file smart Material ".spmsk " into your adobe Substance 3d Painter assets/smart-material folder  

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