Artstation - 2555 Hand Painted Alpha Magic - 材质贴图
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Artstation - 2555 Hand Painted Alpha Magic - 材质贴图



可用于任何支持alphas和png文件的软件,如zbrush、substance painter、subsstance designer、blender、3dsMax、Maya、3D Coat、Marmoset、Modo等。


This Mega package, is the largest, most unique, most complete and most diverse collection of practical and high-end quality 4k of Hand Painted Alpha Magic, Mystery and Sacred Signs and Elements that you can have.

Having this Mega collection to increase your library and bring these cool elements to your work.

Use these pack to quickly add creative details to objects such as weapons, armor, shields, clothing, equipment and more... Also interior structures, architecture and environments ... and many other things that you know about it!

for your medieval or Modern projects (Stylized or Realistic!)

Can be used on any software that supported alphas and png files like zbrush, substance painter, substance designer, blender, 3dsMax, Maya, 3D Coat, Marmoset, Modo and etc... .

Magic, Mystery and Sacred of types: Magical - Esoteric - Witchcraft - Alchemy - Sigil - Mystic - Celestial - Rune -Spiritual - Occult - Classic (Ancient) - Modern - Ethnic - Geometric

This product (vol-8) includes:

2555 Hand Painted Alpha Magic, Mystery & Sacred Signs and Elements (50 alphas are free part) that contains:

~ 225 Alchemy Symbols (25 Free)

~ 200 Alphabets

(62 Daedric Alphabet (Skyrim) | 41 Dragon Alphabet (Skyrim) | 36 Draconic Alphabet | 28 Mage Alphabet | 34 Runic Alphabet (Vikings)

~ 150 Angelic

~ 100 Demonic

~ 758 Magic, Mystery and Sacred Signs (20 Free)

~ 708 Magic Elements

~ 105 Runes (5 Free)

~ 300 Spell Signs

(80 Air: Wind - Storm - Blizzard | 93 Fire: Flame - Incinerate | 75 Water: Frost - Ice | 52 Lighting: Spark - Thunderbolt / It can also be used as Earthquake Spell Sign)

~ 15 Seamless Patterns


50 Hand Painted Alpha Magic & Mystery Signs are free

Our Special Gift for You (to appreciate)


SVG (Vector Files)

PNG / 32bit

Resolution: 4K (4096*4096) High-End Quality

There are PDF catalogs for Preview

Each one is neatly arranged in folders with own names

We just told you a few of their uses and showed you in the previews of our product!

+ Now imagine how creative you can be with the 2555 Alpha Magic, Mystery and Sacred Signs and Elements!

+ Increase your library functionally once and for all!

+ Be The Master of Designing Magical & Mystery Projects!

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