Skillshare - Zbrush - Sculpting Stylized Characters
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Skillshare - Zbrush - Sculpting Stylized Characters

Zbrush 雕刻风格化的角色教程。


  • Zbrush中的雕刻技术

  • 角色创建的基本解剖结构和比例

  • 分析参考和查找内容

  • 屏蔽你的角色

  • 为您的角色创造高细节

  • 风格化你的角色并尝试形状语言

  • 在Zbrush中创建头发

  • 在Zbrush中创建盔甲

  • Zbrush中的UV和纹理

  • 将高多边形数据传输到低多边形网格

  • 在Zbrush中摆姿势

  • Zbrush 中的光照和渲染

  • 从 Zbrush 导出到 Photoshop

  • 使用 Photoshop 创建作品的最终图像




如果您没有 Zbrush 的永久许可证,我相信他们现在提供每月订阅,让学生和初学者更容易访问它!


In this class you will learn:

Sculpting techniques in Zbrush

Basic anatomy and proportions for character creation

Analyzing reference and what to look for

Blocking out your character

Creating high detail on your character

Stylizing your character and experimenting with shape language

Creating hair in Zbrush

Creating Armor in Zbrush

UV's and texturing in Zbrush

Transfer high poly data to a low poly mesh

Posing in Zbrush

Lighting and Rendering in Zbrush

Exporting from Zbrush to Photoshop

Use Photoshop to create a final image of your work

This class is beginner friendly! I explain every step along the way to ensure that you don't miss a beat. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and I will help as soon as I can!

If you find the Zbrush user interface challenging I recommend you check out my class Zbrush For Beginners! It is a full overview of the main tools and functionality that Zbrush has to offer, and it will help get you up to speed with how to use the program!

You will need a working computer that can run Zbrush and a license for the software.

If you don't own a permanent license for Zbrush, I believe they now offer a monthly subscription, making it much more accessible to students and beginners!

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