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Mask Prompter 1.0 for After Effects (CPU+GPU) - Aescripts

Mask Prompter v1.4.5

MaskPrompter v1.10.1 Win

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Mask Prompter v1.11.5 WIN

After Effects基于 AI 的插件,可轻松高效地生成遮罩。Mask Prompter 蒙版提示器是创建遮罩的新方法。只需使用点和框来检测素材中的对象并生成黑白遮罩和 Alpha 通道。


Mask Prompter工作流程非常简单。指定对象上/周围的点和矩形。蒙版提示器将从您的提示创建遮罩。这允许细粒度的选择、细化和轻松跟踪。


我们对底层 AI 应用了一些自定义扩展 - 因此你将获得交互式提示。注意:性能将取决于您的硬件。





将遮罩输出为可视化叠加、黑白遮罩或具有透明 Alpha 通道的内容。这允许在您的工作流程中进行多功能集成并与其他效果相结合。


A.I.-based plugin for easy and efficient matte generation.

Mask Prompter is the new way of creating mattes. Simply use points and boxes to detect and generate black-white mattes and alpha channels for objects in your footage.

Simple workflow

The matting workflow is super simple. Specify points and rectangles on/around the object. Mask Prompter will create a matte from your prompt. This allows for fine-grained selection, refinement and easy tracking.


We applied some custom extensions to the underlying AI - therefore you'll get interactive prompting. Note: The performance will be dependent on your hardware.


Stable on video!

It's very easy to get consistent results on video. The rivers matte on the right was created with a single point placed on the river!

Multiple output modes

Output your mattes as overlays for visualization, as a black-white matte or as content with transparent alpha channel. This allows for versatile integration in your workflow and combination with other effects.

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Mask Prompter 1.0 for After Effects 

(CPU+GPU) - Aescripts

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Mask Prompter v1.4.5

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MaskPrompter v1.10.1 Win

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MaskPrompter v1.10.6 Win

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Mask Prompter v1.11.5 WIN

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