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Silhouette Studio Business Edition 4.5.735.Multilingual

Silhouette Studio Business Edition 4.5.736 Win x64

Silhouette Studio Business Edition 4.5.760 Win x64

Silhouette Studio Business Edition 4.5.770 Win x64

Silhouette Studio Business Edition 4.5.791 Win x64

Silhouette Studio 剪影工作室允许您访问或创建设计,并将其发送到雕刻机/刻字机。

Silhouette Studio 剪影工作室是强大的设计软件,简化了创建过程,并为您提供实现愿景所需的所有功能和工具。通过将 Print & Cut 与我们的专业可打印材料结合使用,将任何图像转换为创意项目。切割乙烯基、热转印、卡片纸等,无需使用切割垫。切割长达 10 英尺 创建比以往更大的项目,支持长达 10 英尺的切割作业。


Silhouette Studio® allows you to access or create designs and send them to a Silhouette cutting machine.

Silhouette Studio

Our robust design software streamlines the creation process and gives you all the features and tools you need to make your vision come to life.

Print and Cut Features

Turn any image into a creative project by using Print & Cut with our specialty printable materials.

Matless cutting

Cut vinyl, heat transfer, cardstock and more without using a cutting mat.

Cut Up To 10 Feet in Length

Cut up to 10 feet in length Create bigger projects than ever before with support for cut jobs up to 10 feet long.

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