Blendermarket - 3D Cars - Inside and Out
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Blendermarket - 3D Cars - Inside and Out with srt and Project Files

Blende 3D 汽车 内部和外部建模渲染教程。

我过去的汽车建模培训已经被现代、沃尔沃和福特等行业巨头的设计师以及世界各地的顶级游戏和电影公司的设计师所研究。现在我采用了这些技术,并使它们变得更好。在这个循序渐进的课程中,我们将解决专业设计师Lee Rosario的惊人汽车设计,我将向您展示轻松解决最棘手的硬表面挑战的新方法,因为我们一起建造了这辆很棒的汽车从第一个顶点到最终渲染。










Here we go again, but this time the course is bigger, better, and there's a whole lot of new stuff, including a full interior. My past car modeling training has been studied by designers from industry giants like Hyundai, Volvo, and Ford, as well as from top gaming and film companies all over the world. And now I've taken those techniques and made them even better. In this step-by-step course we'll tackle an amazing car design by professional designer Lee Rosario, and I'll show you new ways to solve even the trickiest hard surface challenges with ease as we build this awesome car together from the first vertex to the final renders.

The Guide Mesh Technique – Updated!

Subsurface modeling is an essential workflow for hard surface artists, but can quickly become a headache when adding details or cutouts to your model. Any modifications can easily ruin a curved surface, making the entire process frustrating and time-consuming. In this course, I’ll show you a completely non-destructive technique I developed that avoids these problems entirely, so you can maintain your perfect curves without any hassle. Not only can you achieve perfect and seamless reflections more easily, but the workflow is actually enjoyable and much faster when you don’t have to worry about every detail affecting your final result.

Advanced Modeling Techniques

You'll learn about countless other modeling techniques and tools in this course as well, like how insanely powerful Blender's modifiers can be for complex modeling tasks. Modifiers are essential to an efficient and non-destructive workflow, and I'll show you a ton of different and unique ways to use them and combine them.

Core Modeling Principles

Not only will you learn about advanced techniques that take the quality of your models to the next level, but we'll also dive deep into learning the core principles behind subsurface modeling and polygon modeling in general. Good modeling begins with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals like topology, efficiency, and what tools are best for the job.

On top of that, you'll learn about the thought process behind each step of the modeling process. Visualizing how the model should look in the end and being able to simplify complex modeling challenges each step of the way are all critical to an effective workflow.

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