You're Auto Keying - Blender 的自动关键帧工具
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You're Auto Keying v1.4

Blender 的 Auto Keying 会自动记录对选定对象进行的任何变换的关键帧。 它是一个默认的、非常宝贵的工具,具有巨大的潜力和犯错的空间。 有多少次您忘记打开它,结果发现自己成为动画的受害者,或者不明白为什么您无法控制关键帧?

You're Auto Keying 插件在目标对象轮廓、关键帧播放头、预览视口、姿势模式轮廓和预览窗口标题上提供了明显的 UI。 您还可以通过插件轻松调整颜色,以适合您的眼睛。 丢失的动画和宝贵的时间到此结束。 不要再成为Auto Keying的受害者,并充分利用其潜力,避免出现进一步的错误。


Blender Auto Keying automatically records keyframes for any transformations done to selected objects. It's a default and an invaluable tool with great potential and room for errors. How many times have you forgotten it on, only to find yourself the victim of butchered animations or lack of understanding to why you're not in control of your keyframes?

This addon provides an obvious UI on the targeted object outliner, the keyframe playhead, preview viewport, Pose Mode outlines and preview window header. You can also adjust the colors easily through the addon for whatever your eyes find suitable. This is the end of lost animations and precious hours. Stop falling victim to Auto Keying and utilize its full potential without room for further error.

The button for Auto Keying has been added to the furthest right side of the header for extra attention and ease of remembrance. With a new addon installation, the Fetch Color button is used to add your UI Theme to the color defaults, so the addon would know what to revert back to when Auto Keying is off (you do that only once, or when you change your theme).

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