A Sound Effect - Animal Hyperrealism Vol II - 声音素材
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A Sound Effect - Animal Hyperrealism Vol II - 声音素材

Animal Hyperrealism Vol II 是一个包含以声音为主题的动物声音库,从真实的动物到设计的动物,总共 283 个文件中的 2000 多个单独的声音。

这些声音部分是由经过媒体制作训练的动物录制的,部分是在动物园和野生动物中心录制的。 资产清单包括但不限于:东北豹、宽吻海豚、加州海狮、太平洋海象、红颈狐猴、猫头鹰、鹦鹉、侏儒小果蝠、仓鼠、豚鼠等等。

该库的一个特殊部分包含以 384KHz 录制的样本。 对于这些声音,需要使用额外的麦克风,特别是 Avisoft-Bioacoustics 的 CMPA,它可记录高达 200 KHz 的声音。 该麦克风实际上用于录制大部分库,但仅在发现能量超过 96KHz 时才保留 384KHz 格式,以免占用不必要的磁盘空间。

所有文件均以麦克风的立体声弹跳形式提供,但在某些情况下,侧面会添加额外的几个 CO100K。



Animal Hyperrealism Vol II is a library containing sounds themed animal vocalisations, from real to designed creatures totaling more than 2000 individual sounds in 283 files.

The sounds were partly recorded with animals trained for media production, partly recorded in zoos and wildlife centers. The asset list includes but is not limited to: amur leopards, bottlenose dolphins, californian sealions, pacific walruses, red ruffed lemurs, owls, parrots, dwarf little fruit bats, hamsters, guinea pigs and many more.

The content has been recorded at 192KHz with a Sanken CO100K plus a Sennheiser 8050 for center image and a couple of Sennheiser MKH8040 for stereo image.

A special section of the library features samples recorded at 384KHz. For these sounds an additional microphone was employed, specifically the CMPA by Avisoft-Bioacoustics which records up to 200 KHz. This microphone was actually used to record most of the library but the 384KHz format was preserved only where energy was found beyond 96KHz not to occupy unnecessary disk space.

All files are delivered as stereo bounce of these for mics, though in some instances an additional couple of CO100K was added to the sides.

The resulting ultrasonic spectrum is rich and allows for truly extreme manipulation of the content.

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