A Sound Effect - Glacier Ice - 声音素材
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A Sound Effect - Glacier Ice - 声音素材

Glacier Ice 是一个声音库,包含 300 多种不同大小的冰块破裂、断裂、破碎的高品质声音 - 完全在意大利阿尔卑斯山的冬天录制。


大部分素材都是使用 Sanken CO100K 和一对立体声 Sennheiser MKH8040 以 192 KHz 录制的,使该库能够非常灵活地进行音调变换和各种繁重的处理。

以 96KHz 录制的一小部分声音是用直接放置在冰冻水流表面的接触式麦克风专门录制的。


Glacier Ice is a library containing over 300 high quality sounds of ice cracking, breaking, shattering in various sizes of blocks – recorded entirely in the Italian Alps over the course of two winters.

The library contains sounds of all dimensions, from ice cubes being dropped in a drink to a designed iceberg collapsing.

The majority of the material was recorded at 192 KHz with a Sanken CO100K and a stereo pair of Sennheiser MKH8040, making this library greatly flexible for pitch shifting and all sorts of heavy processing.

A small section recorded at 96KHz features sounds recorded exclusively with contact microphones placed directly on the surface of a frozen water stream.

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