A Sound Effect - Metamorphosis - 声音素材
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A Sound Effect - Metamorphosis - 声音素材

Metamorphosis 是一个巨大的录音源、合成材料和混合声音的集合。 该库的创建涵盖了广泛的主题,具有丰富的纹理、强烈的冲击力和大量精选的路过、低音下降、烟火和更多类型的材料。

所有合成内容都是在 Serum 中创建的,而混合部分是通过操纵录制和合成的声音创建的。诸如变形之类的技术被用来模糊两个来源的本质之间的界限,从而形成模糊但极其通用的材料,可用于现实和抽象的设计。


Metamorphosis is a huge collection of recorded source, synthesized material and hybrid sounds. The library was created to cover a wide range of themes, with rich textures, aggressive impacts and a large selection of pass bys, bass drops, pyrotechnics and many more types of material.

All of the Recorded Section was captured at 384KHz with microphones capable of recording up to 200KHz among with more conventional mics. The resulting assets are sounds that can be stretched to new extremes for greater sound design opportunities.

In many cases I took the liberty to slow down the assets while editing the sounds to deliver what I thought was the most useful version of a given recording though in most cases I have also included other takes at the original 384KHz sample rate to get the best of both worlds.

All of the Synthesized Content was created in Serum while the Hybrid Section was created by manipulating the Recorded and Synthesized sounds.

Techniques such as morphing were used to blur the lines in between the nature of the two sources, making for ambiguous yet extremely versatile material that can be employed on both realistic and abstract designs.

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