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Altair Embed 是一款强大的非线性仿真和基于模型的固件开发工具。 借助 Altair Embed,您可以使用框图和状态图进行设计、分析和仿真。 然后,您可以自动生成紧凑且优化的固件,以在各种微控制器上运行。

Altair Embed 为最流行的电机控制、数字电源设计、模拟/数字通信以及图像和视频处理的片上外设和库提供深入支持,无需手动编码,从而减少错误并提高速度,从而降低了开发成本 编辑调试周期具有易于使用的硬件在环 (HIL) 功能。


Visual Environment for Embedded System Development

Altair Embed is a powerful tool for nonlinear simulation and model-based firmware development. With Altair Embed, you design, analyze, and simulate using block diagrams and state charts. You can then automatically generate compact and optimized firmware to run on an extensive selection of microcontrollers.

Offering deep support for the most popular on-chip peripherals and libraries for electric motor control, digital power design, analog/digital communications, and image and video processing, Altair Embed lowers development costs by removing the need for manual coding which reduces errors and speeds the edit debug cycle with easy to use Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) capability.

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