Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 3 January 2024 265GB
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Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle 3 January 2024 265GB

Unreal Engine市场的资源合集,Unreal Engine Marketplac帮助开发者分享和出售物品,使其更容易创造梦幻般的体验与Epic的工具和技术。资源整合在一个下载链接里,请自己选择下载。2024年1月更新第三部分,总计158个项目源文件,265GB。



We building the Marketplace to help developers share and sell items that make it easier to create fantastic experiences with Epic's tools and technology.

Whether you just starting out or finishing a major project, we have what you need in the Marketplace. You will find sample games and scenes, art and audio, Blueprint logic and even C++ code that can be repurposed and used in any UE4 game or application.


1950s Characters Bundle 4.27

2D Procedural Water System With Buoyancy v3.0 (5.0)

3D Text Generator - Diegetic Design - Custom Fonts (5.0+)

ABANDONED FACTORY  Industrial railway zone 4.27

Abandoned Russian Barrack 4.27

Advanced Fly Insects System 5.2

Advanced Fly Insects System v1.7.5 (5.3)

Advanced Fly Insects System v1.7.5 UE5.3

Advanced Main Menu & UI System UE4.26

Adventure Music UE4.26

African Elephants v4.26+

AG Racing Kit 5.2

Ancient Temple Environment 5.1-5.2

Ancient Temple Environment 5.3

Animalia - Raccoon 4.24+

Animated FPS Firearms Starter Kit #1 v4.26+

Animated FPS Firearms Starter Kit #2 v4.27+

AnimX - Advanced Cats 5.0-5.2

Atmospheric Horror Music UE4.26

Barnyard - Barns & Structures Pack 4.27

Blueprint Settings Menu - Minimalist themes - By Kekdot (5.1, 5.3)

Boss AI Toolkit 5.3

Cardboard Props Vol1 4.27

Casual Wear Girls Pack 1 5.3

ChristmasDay (5.3)

City Downtown Pack 5.0

City Downtown Pack v1.3 4.26

Classic Vehicles Bundle Driveable Functional ( Set of 8 Vehicles ) 4.27+

COMBAT FURY v1.2.1 (5.3)

ComboMeter 5.2

Cosmo Bunny Girl 4.27

Crazy Ivy - Procedural Ivy & Vine Generator Plug-in (5.3)

Crazy Ivy - Procedural Ivy & Vine Generator Plug-in - Auto Grow Plants In Editor 5.1

Crazy Ivy - Procedural Ivy & Vine Generator Plug-in - Auto Grow Plants In Editor 5.2

Customizable Shooter Arms Animations 5.3

Dissolution VFX Pack using Niagara v4.26+

Double Triangle Diner Restaurant 4.27

Downtown - City Pack 5.0

Driveable  Animated Construction Truck 02 5.3

Driveable  Animated Retro Cyberpunk Hover Car 02 5.3

Driveable Mars Rover 5.1

Dungeon Architect 5.0

Dungeon Architect 5.1

Dungeon Architect 5.2

Dungeon Architect 5.3

Dungeon Architect Plugin v2.31.1 UE5.2

Dungeon Architect Plugin v2.31.1 UE5.3

Easy Admin Menu v5.2

Easy Admin Menu v5.3

Easy Combat Softlock 5.3

Easy Fog - Blueprint (William Faucher) UE5.3

EasyFog 5.0

EIN Pro Deadler(4.19+)

Emotional Music UE4.26

F2 Modern Girl Ashley 4.25+

Fantasy RPG VFX Pack v4.22-4.27, 5.0-5.3

Fluid Flux v2.02 5.3

Foliage VOL.3 - Oak Trees (Nanite and Low Poly) 5.3

Foliage VOL.4 - Spruce Trees (Nanite and Low Poly) 5.3

GOOD FX  Impact v4.21+

GOOD FX Jump Pad (4.27+)

Haunted Village Environment UE4.26

Horror Grunge Military Dark GUI  UI KIT + psdai source files v4.14+

HTTP Requests for Blueprints 5.3

HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle 4.26

Journeyman's Minimap v1.2 (5.1-5.3)

Journeyman's Minimap v1.2 UE5.1

Journeyman's Minimapv1.2 UE5.2

Kawaii Love Lofi Music Pack 5.3

Kick Up FX 4.27

Kitchen - COMBO Prop Pack (VOL 1-7) UE (4.26+)

Kitchen - COMBO Prop Pack (VOL 1-7) UE4.26

Knife_MocapAnimPack 1.3 4.27

Laboratory - Research Center 4.26

Lizards 5.0+

Low Poly Shooter Pack v5.0 5.0

Male Mega Realistic Character Pack 01 UE 5.0

Matchmaking v(2023.10.11) (5.1)

Matte Painting Skybox Pack IX Four Seasons 5.3

MechaDestroyer UE5.2

Mechanic Girl 4.27

Medieval Tavern + ULAT 5.3

Mega Game Music Collection 5.0

Menu System Pro 2.0 UE5.3

Mesh Morpher (Wrapper) 5.3

Mesh Morpher v.2.3.5 (5.2)

MGT Multiplayer Gravity Template 5.3

Modular Classic Horse 4.27

Modular Sci-Fi Environment K v4.2x, 5.x

Motion Matching Male Locomotion Set 5.0-5.3

Music Performer Animation Pack for Concert(Festival) 5.1+

Mystery Forest [ REAL SOUND ] [ High Quality ] UE5.3

News Studio - Environment for VR, News Reports or Backdrops UE 5.0

Niagara Energy Beam Pack V2

Niagara Ice Skill Vfx Set Vol. 2

Niagara Ribbon examples 5.0+

Norwegian Winter Island Village Megapack 5.3

Oceanology 5.1.9

Oceanology 5.3.V5.2

Oceanology v5.1.7 (5.3)

Old Lady Anims (5.0+)

Open World AI Multiplayer Spawn System UE4.26

Parking Garage [Unreal Engine 4.26+]

Pistol Animset Pro UE5.1

Player Electricity System (5.3)

Player Farming System v5.3

Policeman (4.27+)

Post Apocalyptic District v1.4 UE5.1

Post Apocalyptic Mansion Albert Manor (Day and Night Lighting) v5.0+

Post Apocalyptic NYC Environment Megapack v5.0-5.3

Pro HUD Pack V2 Horror Version v5.1

Pro Icon Pack Survival v4.16-4.27, 5.0-5.3

Race Car Driver (5.3+)

Rainy Neon Streets 5.1

Read me

Realistic pine trees V3

Riverology 5.1

Riverology 5.2

Riverology v2.2.3 (5.3)

Roads Pack V2.0 UE V5.3.part1

Roads Pack V2.0 UE V5.3.part2

ROG Modular Medieval Armor and Cloth v4.2x, 5.0

Rune Effects Pack v4.26+

Rustic Warehouse (5.3)


SciFi Grasshopper Mono Bike 4.27

Shaman v4.18+

Shopping and Market VOL 1 - Gas Station 4.26+

Shopping Mall [Unreal Engine 4.27+]

SKG Shooter Framework V2 v1.1.5 (5.3)

Sky Creator v1.40.1 UE5.3

Soviet Living Room & Furniture Props 4.27+

SquadTeamCombatAI (4.26,4.27)

SquadTeamCombatAI (5.0+)

Stationary weapon CIWS (UE4)

Stationary weapon CIWS (UE5)

Survival Game Kit V2 UE5.3

Third Person Shooter Kit v2.1 5.2

Third Person Shooter Kit v2.1.1 (5.3)

Third Person Shooter Kit v2.1.4 UE5.3

UE4 Vehicle Rigging Addon v0.6.2 + 0.6.1

Ugly Kid 3 v4.26+

UIWS - Unified Interactive Water System 5.3

Ultimate Movement System (5.1, 5.3)

Ultimate Movement System 5.1

USA Weapon M16A4 v4.20-4.27, 5.0-5.1

User Interface Kit Unreal Engine 40 Complete Version 41

Vertex Animation Manager 5.1

Vertex Animation Manager 5.2

Vertex Animation Manager 5.3

Voxel Plugin (5.3)

Walt-R122 With Hands And Weapon Case 4.23+

Water Physics v1.4.0 (5.3)

Waterline PRO 5.0

Waterline PRO 5.1

Waterline PRO 5.2

Waterline PRO v5.4 (5.3)

Western Characters Pack-Wild West,Adventure,Survival,Survivor,RPG,Shooter,Action 5.0+

Winter Dragon (Wyvern) 4.26

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