640 Studio - Automotive LUTs
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640 Studio - Automotive LUTs

640 Studio的汽车场景调色预设包。

为您的 LOG 素材定下基调。 通过 Automotive LUTS 真正利用色谱中的每个细节。 您只需单击一下即可修改素材,以复制美丽的夏日早晨或多云的秋夜。

这些 LUTS 可以帮助指导您朝着您想要拍摄视频的方向前进。 尽早确定基调以帮助观众无缝观看您的视频非常重要。

我们提供了一个 30 秒快速安装的教程视频。 一旦安装在您选择的编辑软件中,您就可以立即永久访问这些 LUTS。


Set the tone for your LOG footage. Truly take advantage of every detail in the color spectrum with Automotive LUTS. You can modify your footage to replicate a beautiful summer morning or cloudy fall evening with one simple click.

Establish the tone.

These LUTS can help guide you in the direction you want to take your video. It’s important to establish the tone early on to help your audience view your video seamlessly.

Compatible with

We’ve included a tutorial video with a quick 30 second install. Once installed in your editing software of choice, you can instantly access these LUTS forever.

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