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Flowify v1.1.1 - Blender

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Flowify 是一款适用于 3D 建模者的 Blender 插件,可以将对象弯曲,并使用简单的平面参考网格来引导变形,这样能够创建有趣的对象,否则这些对象可能很难建模。


Flowify is a Blender add-on for 3D modelers that can bend an object to a surface object that has evenly spaced four sided faces and four corners or are cylindrical in nature. A simple flat reference grid is used to guide the deformation.

This enables the creation of interesting objects that could be challenging to model otherwise.

To use, create the following objects:

The Source Object is the object you wish to bend.

The Source Grid is a flat reference plane used to guide the bending.

The Target Surface is either a 4 sided, 4 faced surface you wish to bend to, or an open cylinder.

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Flowify v1.1.1 - Blender

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