EZ Baker for Blender
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EZ Baker v1.0.3 for Blender

EZ Baker 插件的目的是为 Blender 的默认烘焙系统提供更简单的替代方案。它旨在自动匹配“低”和“高”对象和集合,并且它提供了更多自定义通道。


This addon was created to offer an easier alternative to blender’s default bake system.It was designed to automatically match “low” and “high” objects and collections, and it offers a few more custom passes.


Each baker stores the most basic bake options (texture size, output path, padding…).
Multiple bakers can be created to export with different settings.


Each baker can be configured to bake with one of three supported devices:

  • Blender: The bakes are done directly in blender using cycles. Although it’s the slowest of the three options, it’s the only one that works in both linux and windows and its useful for baking bevel shaders.

  • Handplane 93: The bakes are done in Handplane, a free and fast baking tool.

  • Marmoset Toolbag 34: The bakes are done in Marmoset Toolbag (Paid software). It’s fast and offers plenty of bake passes to choose from.

Each device has its own set of settings to configure.

Bake Groups

Bake groups are dynamically populated based on the objects or collections that are in the scene.

e.g. If you have two objects named “test_high” and “test_low”, the option to create the “test” bake group will appear.

Once the bake group is created, any new object that matches the naming conditions will automatically be added to it.

It’s used for baking objects that are close together without intersecting issues, or to specify different projection cage settings to each one.

Projection Cages

Projection cages represent the distance from which the rays are cast when baking. EZ Baker lets you edit the cage displacement value and at the same time shows a visual reprentation of the cage.

Custom Projection Cages

Custom cages are automatically found by their names.

To use a custom cage, make sure it has the same name as the low object but with “_cage” at the end of its name. e.g. “myobject_low_cage”

(Currently not supported for Marmoset Toolbag)


The desired output images are configured in this panel.

Each device (Blender/Handplane/Marmoset Toolbag) has its own set of maps to choose from.

For each map, you can specify the output image suffix and some specific bake options.





Once the bake process finishes, all the generated images can be viewed in this panel

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