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DxO FilmPack让你重制你的数码图片的风格,颜色和颗粒度,像流行的老式冲洗的照片一样。尝试所有可用的效果并找到一个完全对应的风格。

DxO FilmPack 是法国DXO公司推出的一个在数码影像上可以模拟胶卷的颜色、对比度、颗粒感等独特的软件.DxO Film   Pack拥有超过60正宗的电影渲染和25个创意的渲染。并且,可以进行5   种调色,具有经过胶卷冲洗液处理的新奇功能。

DxO FilmPack可以作为独立软件或作为一个插件,适用于 Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements®, Adobe Lightroom®, or  Apple® Aperture®.


DxO FilmPack lets you reproduce the style, colors, and grains of the  most famous silver halide films for your digital photos. Try all the  available looks and find the one that corresponds exactly to the style  that you want for your image.

The best of film photography applied to digital
Whether color or black and white, bring out the best in your digital  photos by applying hundreds of combinations of vintage photo effects.  Use your imagination to produce realistic or creative retro-looking  images!
You can perfectly apply the quality, style, colors, and grains of the  most famous films rolls to your digital photos with DxO FilmPack, a  simple and efficient tool based on innovative technology.

Artistic variety
More than 60 authentic film renderings and 25 creative renderings.
Reproduce the softness of a Fuji® Reala® film for your portraits, the charm of a Polaroid®, or the famous Kodak® Tri-X® grain.
Combine the color rendering of one film with the grain of another, add filters - explore all the possibilities!

Faithfully rendered films
DxO FilmPack faithfully renders the colors, saturation, contrast, and  grain of analog photography on your digital photos, thanks to DxO Labs’  unique scientific calibrations.
Take advantage of DxO FilmPack’s exceptional performance and choose the best of both digital and film photography combined...

Quick and easy
The magic of film photography is yours with just a few clicks, thanks to an easy and intuitive interface.
You can process all of your photos rapidly and easily. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Use DxO FilmPack as a standalone or as a plug-in with DxO Optics Pro,  Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements®, Adobe Lightroom®, or  Apple® Aperture®.




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