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Vector Works 2010 SP2 English

VectorWorks 2014 Win

Vectorworks 2014 - Include DVD Goodies Mac OSX

Designer + Renderworks + Pro + 3rd Party

Vectorworks 2015 SP1 - Designer Edition - 64 Bit

Vectorworks 2015 SP4 - Designer Edition - 64 Bit

Vectorworks 2016 v.21.0.0 (278524)

Vectorworks 2016 En SP4 Mac FULL

Vectorworks 2016 Fr SP4 Mac FULL

Vectorworks 2017 v22.0.1 mac [build_333939] [SP1]

Vectorworks 2017 Eng SP1 Mac NoLibs

Vectorworks 2018 SP3 Win x64

Vectorworks 2018 Additional Content Library(16.2GB)

Vectorworks 2019 24.0.0 Mac

Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Win

Vectorworks 2019 SP1.1 Win x64

Vectorworks 2019 SP2

Vectorworks 2019 SP2 build 463397

Vectorworks 2019 SP3 WiN 64bit by [TPC]

Vectorworks 2020 Win

Vectorworks 2020 Portable

Vectorworks 2020 SP2 x64

VectorWorks 2020 SP4 x64

Vectorworks 2020 SP4 MAC

Vectorworks 2021 SP0 MAC

Vectorworks 2021 SP1 Winx64

Vectorworks 2021 SP2 v26.0.2 macOS

Vectorworks 2021 SP3.1 Win x64

Vectorworks  Designer软件

竞争优势之一是它提供有一整套的设计工具,把每个Vectorwork产品的技术精粹都集成到了一个单一而又直观的界面中。无论 您是需要绘图、建模或展示, Vectorworks Designer软件是一套能全面满足专业人士的终端解决方案。



具有强大CINEMA 4D渲染引擎的Renderworks插件提供了一系列的高品质展示技巧。


Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment  design, Vectorworks Designer software gives you the freedom to create  without having to use additional applications. The program provides a  competitive edge by offering a large set of design tools in a single,  intuitive interface. Draft, model, and present with Vectorworks Designer  the ultimate solution for the professional who needs it all.

In Vectorworks 2014, you'll find a host of improvements and new  capabilities addressing the wide variety of design-oriented decisions  and workflows. Whether it’s efficient collaboration, powerful 3D  modeling, impressive rendering tools, strong 2D graphic control, or the  flexibility to automate or customize production work, Vectorworks 2014  software will help you balance it all, on your terms.

Enjoy walking through, panning, zooming, selecting, moving, modifying,  and more in rendered modes without sacrificing performance and speed.
A new Publish command gives you tremendous flexibility in customizing  and saving drawing sets for when you need to issue them. Select specific  views and sheets from files along with PDF, DXF/DWG, and DWF files, and  save them as a named set for export or printing.

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