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ProxyTextures v1.05

Proxy Textures是一个3dsMax插件,可以自动创建低分辨率的纹理版本,从而加快在负载过重的场景上的工作速度。该插件会暂时减小纹理的大小,从而降低内存消耗并提高视口性能。


Proxy Textures is a 3dsMax plugin to automatically create low resolution versions of your textures, to speed up your work on heavily loaded scenes.

The plugin temporarily reduces the size of your textures, resulting in lower memory consumption and better viewport performance.

You can set it to use the original textures only at render time, to work faster. You can also use it to reduce unnecessarily big textures, like the ones that are far from camera, to speed up your renders.

If you need to make small render previews or tests, you can easily downsize and optimize all textures accordingly, to accelerate your renders.

Proxy Textures lets you convert multiple texture files to JPG/PNG formats. You can choose either to process all bitmaps in scene at once, or to work only with the materials in selected objects.

This tool is very simple to use and really powerful! Smartly optimize your complex scenes, with loads of high resolution textures, and make them lightweight and easy to manipulate.

This is a commercial script for Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and higher.

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