Just Sound Effects - Renault R4 - 声音素材
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Just Sound Effects - Renault R4 - 声音素材

雷诺 R4 GTL 声音库,体验法国经典的真实轰鸣声。 这个精心制作的音频合集收录了雷诺最著名车型之一的录音,为您提供了了解这款标志性汽车特有声音的沉浸式旅程。

该包包括各种驾驶表演,每个表演都是从多个麦克风角度捕获的。 所有录音都是同步的,以便在麦克风位置之间或从外部到驾驶员座位之间轻松切换。 您可以选择多达九种不同的视角,例如前面、后面、路过、发动机、排气管和内部。 为了确保完全沉浸,使用四元 ORTF 记录内部视角。 除了驾驶声音之外,您还会发现许多辅助声音和机制。

该库专为声音设计师、音频专业人士和汽车爱好者创建,为您带来广泛的用途。 凭借雷诺 R4 GTL 的详细录音,无论您是在制作需要逼真汽车声音的电影或游戏,还是只是老式汽车的爱好者,该收藏都是一个很好的资源。


Experience the authentic roar of a French classic with our Renault R4 GTL sound library. This carefully crafted audio collection features recordings of one of the most celebrated models from Renault, offering an immersive journey into the characteristic sounds of this iconic car.

The package includes various driving performances, each captured from numerous microphone perspectives. All recordings are synchronized to allow effortless switching between microphone placements or from outside to the driver’s seat. You can choose from up to nine different perspectives, such as front, back, pass-by, engine, exhaust and interior. To ensure full immersion, the interior perspective was recorded with quad ORTF. In addition to the driving sounds, you will discover many accessory sounds and mechanisms.

Created for sound designers, audio professionals and car enthusiasts, this library brings you a wide range of uses. With its detailed recordings of the Renault R4 GTL, the collection is a great resource no matter if you’re working on a movie or game that needs realistic car sounds – or you’re simply a lover of vintage cars.

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